Information for Professionals

We have pulled together a range of resources which we hope you will find helpful in your practice when supporting people living with autism. If you have any resources which you wish to see added  please use the Contact Us section to let us know.

The National Autistic Society have a section on their website dedicated to providing information, guidance, development and networking opportunities to professionals working in a range of roles. To access the full range of information please click here.

Scottish Autism also have an Advice Line that professionals can call on 01259 222 022. You can also visit the Professionals section of their website for other information and opportunities.


Healthcare Professionals

Social Care Professionals

The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) have produced a short video about working with people living with autism. For full details please visit their website

Education Professionals

The Autism Toolbox is a resource to support the inclusion of children and young people with autism spectrum disorder in mainstream education services in Scotland. As well as introducing and describing some of the more common challenges a pupil with autism might face, it provides real life case studies from Scottish schools and practical examples of supports that you can translate and use in your own school setting. It also signposts you to other websites you may find useful.

Criminal Justice

Helpful resources and research

Head over to the Links Page for more organisations which may be of use to you in your practice.