What is respite?

Having a caring responsibility can sometimes be challenging and we all need a break from time to time. Respite allows carers to take some time out from their caring role and it can take many shapes and forms. Respite is not the same for every carer.
Respite breaks may look like:
  • the person you are caring for going into a residential setting for a short stay
  • having other carers come to your home to help with tasks while you're there
  • having a substitute carer come to your home allowing you to go out, a befriending service may provide this option
  • the person you care for joining in with organised outings and activities outside the home in the care of another organisation
  • going on holiday, either with or without the person you care for

How respite is arranged and paid for depends on your individual circumstances. More details about respite funders and providers are listed below.

Respite Resources

Comhairle Respite Policy for Children and Families

The Comhairle have developed a Respite Policy for Children and Families to set out the steps by which you may be eligible for support.


Funding and Providers

If you have received a carers assessment which has identified that you would benefit from a break from caring, respite care may be put in place to meet this need. The Comhairle will work with you to develop a support plan and a corresponding budget.

You can then choose how you wish to use your budget to meet your respite needs. You may take a direct payment or ask the Comhairle to arrange the break for you. As a carer you are entitled to access the options set out under Self Directed Support if you have been assessed as eligible.

You can also fund respite in other ways, such as through grants from charities or benevolent organisations, discount or low cost holiday schemes, or with the assistance of family and friends or by financing it yourself. Below are some funders which you may be able to provide full or part contributions toward respite, along with autism specific providers.